Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available to those who are eligible. In some circumstances, your partner's income forms part of the assessment.

If you or your partner are in receipt of any benefits to include, but not limited to, Income Support, Job-Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits or Child Benefit, please bring a full current award letter with you to your appointment. Such letter must identify whether your entitlement is income related or contribution based. Your most recent bank statement will also be required.
If you or your partner are currently employed or self-employed, please bring the past three months payslips or the most recent trading accounts with you to your appointment so that we may assess your eligibility.

If you are paying mortgage and rates, verification of payment MUST be provided for these payments. Mortgage payments can be vouched by a bank statement. Rates payments can be vouched by receipts from the Rates Collection Agency, receipts from the post office or a bank statement.

Please note we cannot process your application for Legal Aid until we are in receipt of all necessary proofs.

Please note Legal Aid is not necessarily free. You may have to pay back your legal costs from money or property, kept or gained, as a result of your case and where any sum remains unpaid the Commission shall be entitled to register a first charge for the benefit of the legal aid fund on any property (wherever
situate) which is recovered or preserved for you in the proceedings. This is known as the Statutory Charge and further details can be found by on the legal services website.

Making a false declaration is an offence. If you are found doing so, you may be prosecuted and asked to repay your costs in full.
Please contact us for further information.