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Marriage breakdown and Children

If your marraige or relationship has broken down it is important that you do not lose or give up your legal rights. These include access or custody of your children, property rights or financial entitlement. Speak to us in confidence and receive straight talking advice.

MAINTENANCE    We will advise you of your rights. If necessary court action can be taken in order to enforce your rights and those of your child or children.

CHILDREN             We will advise you in relation to contact and residence orders.          
                                   Other issues may also arise to include parental responsibility if you are not married.
                                   You may wish to determine parentage of a child-we can apply to the court for DNA testing to give you peace of mind.
                                   We will represent parents and other parties in Public Law Cases. This is where the Trust makes an application in respect of a child.

DIVORCE OR         If your marriage has irretrievably broken down and you can show one or more of five legal reasons why this is so, you may apply for a
JUDICIAL               divorce or legal separation.

FINANCIAL           We will advise you in relation to the financial issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship to include the division of your
MATTERS                house, belongings, savings etc.

DOMESTIC              We will make available to you the civil remedies for domestic violence contained in the Family Homes and Domestic Violence (Northern                                             Ireland) VIOLENCE Order 1998.  This Order allows victims of domestic violence to obtain protective orders from the court.  These         
                                     orders may prevent a perpetrator of domestic violence from “molesting” the victim.
                                     The orders can also make arrangements about who can live in the family home.
                                     Breach of a non-molestation order is a criminal offence.

LEGAL AID              We will assess your entitlement to legal aid to assist you in relation to all or any of the above issues.